1C. 11 am. Saturday 16th November - Rachel Hoffman


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Seminar Options. At 11am you may choose from three options. The third being:-

11am Rachel Hoffman-TED TALK: The Bigger Picture of Doll Collecting

 With her roots originating in Denver, Colorado, and growing up in a doll shop on South Broadway, Rachel Hoffman has been surrounded by antique & vintage dolls her entire life. She started working in the world of dolls at the age of 15 at Turn of the Century Antiques in Denver, Colorado. She is now the Senior Operations Manager of Turn of the Century Antiques, which is one of the nation's largest operating brick and mortar doll shops.

 She resides in Littleton, Colorado, and spends her free time with her dog rescues - a toothless senior toy poodle, Murray, and her English bulldog, Dolly Marie.

Seminars are 11am 12noon, 2pm and 3pm, with a snack lunch should you wish

There are several prices of seminars

The snack lunch is £15

£20 for one seminar

£35 for two

£60 for all four

£195 to include 4 seminars, a snack lunch, the Gala dinner, a very early entry plus the 200 Years of Childhood Magazine