The Art of Childhood. Book doll, teddy bear or toy Artist Stands

For this year only 2021 our fair is online on October 16th/17th 2021. You may book an Artist Shop in our International Online Arcade as an exhibitor (no charge) or a non exhibitor (£50) The shops can have unlimited items in them. There is an "5 items " shared shop at £25  There is also a 1 item only shared shop option at £6.

The Online Arcade will be on Facebook more details to follow. 

Business Design Centre
52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH
Tel: 020 7288 6475

All those who have chosen to attend "The Art of Childhood" sister fair for Artist dolls, bears and toys, Welcome! We have an area called The Mezzanine which includes the cafe, which overlooks the Antique Hall. (This is the equivalent of our Woburn fair)

Please see floor plan in each section. Tables are 6' x 2.5' (1.83 x 0.76m) called 6'.  and 4' There are 2 options of stands all with electricity.  

You are able to buy a type of stand not a specific number. You can request a particular number at checkout. We will respond by email with your allocated stand number. Would all potential exhibitors who we are not familiar with please send a photo of your stand with stock on it, to  or link to your website


There is access to electricity for all stands. When you buy a stand the charge for electricity has already been added to your total. Terms and conditions can be found on the home page. When you buy a stand you agree to the terms and conditions.

If you would like to just pay a deposit in the first instance on the 6' stands please go to "Your Deposit all stands",  and identify your preferred stand type. Balance must be paid no later than July 1st 2022.

Car park - Details to come