1B. 11am. Saturday 16th November - Valerie Fogel


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11am  Valerie Fogel - "The History and Romance of The Bru Bébé"

My love for beautiful things started when I was growing up in France and later, in Spain. My father was stationed on the USS Springfield in the south of France when I was nine years old. A meteorology officer in the Navy, we followed the ship to his many ports of call. I had an immediate love of Europe and antiques, especially items from the era of Napoleon and Josephine forward.  It was no coincidence that the building we lived in was restored mansion made into apartments and housed the great great great great granddaughter of Napoleon and Josephine on the very first floor along with her gardens. My brother and I subsequently became friends with her, an elderly woman in her late 80s that was delighted by two children and their adventures. I was exposed to antique dolls early on in those years.  My father brought me a special doll from every port. We settled back in the US when I was fourteen. It wasn’t until later in life, after marriage and children, I found myself and true passions, and was able to collect antique dolls. I threw myself into it headlong! The rest is history. After many years of collecting I began my career as a seller of antique dolls in 2002 known as:
 Valerie Fogel's
  Beautiful Bébés 
-Antique Dolls and Gifts-
I have an amazing life on the Snoqualmie River in Washington state with my life partner as a grandmother to my two sons six children (all Boys!). We are blessed by the love of our wonderful dogs, friends and family. 
Valerie Fogel's
Beautiful Bebes Attic Finds

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