5A. 2pm Saturday 23rd October. - Samy Odin


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2pm Samy Odin -  "Lenci Art Deco Beauties"

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A doll collector since 1981, Samy Odin shared his passion with his father Guido Odin and founded his first doll museum in Torre Pellice, near Turin, in 1991. He moved it to Paris in 1994 and kept it open to the public until September 2017. Presently, he runs Chérubins, a new business aiming to preserve and divulgate the patrimony of antique artifacts and collectables representing the child image.

Samy Odin holds masters degrees in French Language and Literature from the University of Turin and the University of Lyon, and has been teaching French and Italian from 1987 to 1994, both in Italy and in France. A passionate researcher, he is the author of more than 20 books about antique dolls, as well as articles in doll magazines such as Doll News, Antique Doll Collector, Doll Reader, Geppetto, Puppenmagazin, Gildebrief, La Bacchetta Magica, Collections and Ours et Poup̩ées.

Samy, who belongs to international collector’s organizations such as UFDC, DCA, DCGB, NADDA, GOLDEN GLOW, keeps being focused as a dealer on European dolls and doll related ephemera and memorabilia, but he also developed expertise in domains such as Soft Toys, Paper Dolls, Victorian Scraps, Children Books, European Porcelain Companies, Textiles...

Through Chérubins, Samy shares his expertise by giving lectures, seminars, public and private appraisals, by organizing tours for collectors and by setting up special exhibitions in various institutions all over the world. He is also the co-founder with Margaret G. Kincaid of the “Ecole des Poupées”, a concept aiming to educate and coach collectors.