1B. 12.30pm - Daniel Agnew


Please book here if you wish to purchase 1 seminar only. Otherwise when you have chosen your seminars go to a package at the bottom of the page which are cheaper.

Seminar Options. At 12.30pm you may choose from two options. The second being:- Daniel Agnew. - "My Eclectic Collection"

The ever knowledgeable and entertaining Daniel on his favourite subject, teddy bears.

There are several prices of seminars

Lunch is not included in these tickets but can be found in the hall

Weekend ticket £199 to include 3 seminars, the Gala dinner plus a very early entry (9.30am)

Lunch is not included in any tickets 

£50 for 3 seminars, £35 for 2 seminars, £20 for one seminar 

You may choose a maximum of 3 speakers from those listed. 

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